How It Works

Interested in teaming up? Great!

Let me guide you through my three-step process.


Step 01

Defining Your Project

This initial step is about laying the groundwork. Together, we define your content’s topic, scope, format, keywords, and goals.

I’ll provide you with a questionnaire to capture all the necessary details and set a solid foundation for your project.

Step 02

Outlining Content

Next, I’ll use the information gathered to craft an article skeleton, outlining main headings and providing brief descriptions for each section.

This outline is essential as it serves as a mutual agreement, ensuring we’re both on the same page regarding the content’s direction and development.

Step 03


With the outline approved, we move into the copywriting phase.

I’ll draft the content based on our agreed guidelines. You’ll have the chance to review the draft and give feedback, and we’ll iterate until you’re delighted with the final product.

Publish, Measure, Repeat

Once your content is live, the next steps involve monitoring its performance and leveraging those insights for upcoming projects.

This cycle of continuous improvement, proven over the years, ensures your audience consistently enjoys content that not only meets but surpasses their expectations. It’s a journey of constant enhancement, guaranteeing engaging content that continually raises the bar.


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